About Us

Why PM Sports Cars LTD?

We are a real company with real cars, real employees and real premises. Our stock is on the shelf ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. We do not buy parts and forward them on and we do not buy vehicles and pass them off as our own. All of our vehicles are prepared in house to our standard and all parts are tested before removal to ensure you get quality, working parts first time.

At PM Sports Cars LTD we are proud to provide you with any service that you require; from the supply of parts to anywhere in the world to part fitting in our workshop, providing MOT tests and repair work with quality genuine used parts and vehicle servicing through to bodywork and full restorations. Our cars are meticulously restored to the highest standard using genuine used parts, bodywork performed in house and paint provided by the best paint shops in the local area. We are here to impress, and we are unlike anyone else out there.

Our core principles:

We understand that not everyone has the budget to drop in and drive away a perfectly restored Porsche or Mazda. This is why we offer a huge range of sports car experiences - from project vehicles or vehicles from our basic range for the hobbyist that wishes to perform most of the work themselves through to perfect restorations of classic models. Our aim is to give you as many options as possible so that the dream of sports car ownership can be achieved, whatever your budget.

We run an honest, ethical business. We deeply value our great reputation and the satisfaction of every one of our customers. We understand that things happen; vehicles break down, parts fail, customers are sometimes late, employees get sick - you get the idea. When things do happen we keep you informed and work as hard as possible to make things right.

We are all enthusiasts. We own Mazda’s and Porsches and we work on yours as if it were one of our own. We do this because we love cars, and we love seeing the expressions on our customers faces when we hand back the keys.

We understand that value is not the first thing someone immediately thinks of when buying a sports car, either as a daily driver or as a toy for the weekend. Each one is loved, and perhaps more money is spent on them than it should be, but we understand that this does not mean you wish to waste money. We are here to help you live out the dream of owning a sports car - whether it be a toy, your everyday car or as an investment for the future.

People ask why we cost less than similar companies. How we can afford to sell our parts for a fair price and charge less for our labour. It's simple - we have a huge volume of stock so we can afford to let things go for a little less than our competitors. Our labour charges are fair and we do not charge for anything that isn't your fault. We love what we do and we involve you, the customer, as much as possible. You get to see us exactly how we are and that’s the way it should be.